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Going Global: International Application of NEC3 – NEC People Conference, June 2015

NEC3 – Risky Business, Risk Management under NEC – ICES, November 2014

Risk Prevention, Mitigation and Management under the NEC3 ECC – SCL, North East Region, June 2014

Setting and Managing Target Cost Contracts – NEC Asia Pacific Users’ Group Workshop, October 2014

Defined Cost: Understanding Solutions to Common Cost Challenges – NEC Asia Pacific Users’ Group Workshop, July 2014; NEC UK Users’ Group Workshop, October 2013

NEC3 It’s as easy as A, B, C, - a review of main and secondary option selection – NEC People Conference, June 2014

Incentivising Supply Chain Performance through Intelligent Procurement – Hong Kong Institute of Project Management, April 2014

Decide now or dispute later, effective decision making under the NEC – NEC LinkedIn conference, London, June 2013

Do target cost contracts offer value for money – SCL, Cardiff, March 2013; SCL Birmingham, January 2011; SCL, Leeds May 2011

Practical problems with Defined Cost – NEC LinkedIn conference, London, June 2012

NEC3 introduction and critical appraisal – February 2012; SCL (Gulf), Doha, February 2012;

Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Hong Kong, March 2010

The assessment of change under the NEC - Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, Hong Kong, February 2012

Key issues practitioners need to aware of when using the NEC – CIOB, Hong Kong, February 2012

Eastern Promise, the NEC in the Middle East and Far East – NEC User Group Seminar, London, April 2011

Dispute avoidance in ECC3 – CIArb, East Anglia Branch, June 2011
10 things you need to know about the NEC – SCL, Hong Kong, March 2010

Bringing the NEC to life, preparing and completing an NEC3 contract – NEC User Group Workshop, Hong Kong, June 2010

How to make target cost and cost reimbursable contracts works – Indian Quantity Surveyors Association, Dubai, June 2010; RICS, Dubai June 2009; RICS Hong Kong, March 2009

NEC V FIDIC – SCL International Construction Law Conference, December 2010Type your paragraph here.


Do Target Cost Contracts Deliver Value for Money?  - SCL, July 2011

Early Warnings, the key to ECC success - NEC Users' Group Newsletter Issue 53, January 2011 

Construction share tips - RICS Construction Journal, February 2011

Pricing up project costs - RICS Construction Journal, November 2010

The pain/gain game - RICS Construction Journal, September 2010

International application of NEC in practice - NEC Users' Group Newsletter Issue 49, January 2010

NEC v FIDIC – Society of Construction Law – International Construction Law Conference 2010

NEC3 contract administration - how far do you go? - RICS Construction Journal, June 2008

NEC as and EPC/EPCm Contract – NEC Users’ Group Newsletter, October 2013